Healthcare Facilities and Clean Rooms

Genesis Ceiling Panels resist mold, mildew and eliminates costly remediation due to “sick building syndrome.” Totally waterproof our panels are not susceptible to moisture and humidity. Material also eliminates staining, swelling, discoloration, water damage and rot. Non-shedding, fiber- free panels contain no harmful fibers or dust. Washable panels easily accept sealers or gaskets. In addition to the treatment areas and patient rooms, hallways, cafeteria, bathrooms, office space and lobbies would be fitting areas for Genesis ceiling products. Panels meet ISO 14644. For uses in Class 1000 and higher clean rooms, computer and control rooms, MRI rooms, and sterile rooms..

Satisfied Customers

  • AAI Pharma
  • Affinity Healthcare System
  • Applewood Nursing Home
  • Bonitz of Carolinas, TN
  • Gritman Medical Center
  • Higgin’s General Hospital
  • Irwin County Hospital
  • Licking Memorial Health System
  • Mount Sinai
  • Schneider Regional Medical Center
  • Skiff Medical Center
  • Terre Haute Regional Hospital
  • Van Roc Interiors
  • Washington Hospital
  • Mission Hospital
  • Duke
  • UW Madison
  • Schneider Regional