About Us

ACP is the manufacturer of Genesis ceiling panels. Genesis products blend ingenuity with style giving our customers finished projects that feature easy installation, quality, affordability and timeless appeal. ACP’s biggest investment is our customer-first approach. With helpful staff available on our toll-free customer service line, in the field for sales inquiries, or sample requests, we ensure satisfaction on every project. View the Ceiling Solutions Brochure.

Grid systems offered by ACP:

  • CeilingMAX Surface Mount Grid System uses “snap in” technology to easily mount a ceiling to any surface, gaining headroom, flexibility and quick installation. Constructed of high-grade PVC, the system works with any 2’x2′ or 2’x4′ tile.
  • GridMAX Ceiling Grid Covers are an easy-to-use solution to save you time and money. A low-cost alternative to replacing or repainting rusted, discolored or deteriorated suspended metal grid ceilings, these high-grade PVC grid covers come in many classic colors, also all of our Fasade Decorative Panel colors.
  • HG-Grid Vinyl Suspended Grid System is a rustproof alternative to metal ceiling grid systems. Designed to perform without corrosion in high humidity rooms, the ceiling grid system installs easier than conventional metal systems and offers more options. HG Grid works with any 2’x2′ or 2’x4′ ceiling tile for any room in the house. Constructed of high-grade PVC.
  • Classic Cliq Metal Grid System provides exceptional durability and system stability with ease of installation. Our commercial-quality ceiling grid system features standard 15/16-inch capped grid face and a double web design for added strength.

ACP’s Milestones

  • 1998 | Introduced first product to the home-center industry.
  • 2004 | ACP surpassed our goal of having five different product offerings in more than 1,500 home-center locations throughout the United States.
  • 2005 | Introduced the Classic Tin Style panel product line.
  • 2007 | Rebranded Classic Tin Style backsplash and ceiling panels Fasade.
  • 2007 | Fasade backsplash and ceiling panels named Best New Product of the Year by HOME magazine.
  • 2009 | Aspect Metal peel and stick backsplash introduced.
  • 2009 | Genesis maintenance free ceiling panels introduced.
  • 2010 | Fasade wall panels introduced.
  • 2013 | Aspect Matted Peel & Stick tiles introduced.
  • 2013 | Aspect Matted Peel & Stick Metal Backsplash Tiles Named to This Old House Top 100 List.
  • 2014 | Aspect Glass Peel & Stick Tiles introduced.
  • 2016 | Aspect Stone Peel & Stick Tiles introduced.
  • 2017 | Cre8tive Garage Door Hardware products introduced.
  • 2018 | Palisade Wall Panels introduced.
  • 2019 | Finesse Flooring product line introduced.
  • 2020 | Rustic Grove product line introduced.