Food Processing


Genesis ceiling panels are USDA, Health Department and CFIA compliant and are recommended for use in federally-inspected food processing plants, bottlers, commercial kitchens and central food preparation areas. Installation locations within a food processing or bottling facility include the bottling or processing area, break rooms, bathrooms, office space and lobbies.

Satisfied Customers

  • 7-Up/Pepsi
  • Budweiser
  • Coca-Cola
  • Heritage Environmental
  • Hormel
  • Kraft Whole Foods
  • Land-O-Lakes
  • MillerCoors
  • Perdue Farms
  • Pilgrim’s Pride
  • Provimi Foods
  • Rudolph Foods
  • Shasta Beverage
  • Coleman Natural Foods
  • Frito-Lay
  • Masters
  • Wedge Field
  • Peco Foods

Customer Testimonials

“We have been using your ceiling tiles for over a year and a half now. We started using them in the high-condensation areas (air intakes & air vents). We were replacing these tiles every 1 to 2 weeks in the summertime. We also used them where we have common roof leaks and replaced them where other leaks have sprung up. The cost savings on the high-condensation areas has saved my company 5 to 10 times (and climbing) the dollar amount it was costing with the other tiles we were using. Your tiles are not being replaced; they are taken down and wiped dry and put back into place. Same thing goes with the ones where leaks have reoccurred. A few weeks ago I was walking by the one that we first installed and noticed that none of the patterns have faded nor warped. I was impressed! We will keep using these because of the cost savings and the life of your product.”

Bobby Herron
Facilities Manager
Tyson Foods
Green Forest, AR

“The problem we faced was one of moisture and clearance. The moisture problem was solved but there wasn’t enough clearance to install the same acoustical ceiling tile once the damaged one was removed. I was able to use your product and it matched so well it was hardly noticeable. The Genesis product solved a dilemma for us and actually raised morale by allowing us to correct a long-standing problem. Employees were relieved that something was finally done about this issue. ACP employees are very attentive to their customer and their needs. Prior to placing an order the salesperson insured I was ordering the correct product and reviewed all particulars with me – a benefit for first-time purchasers. We will be purchasing for future projects and will recommend the product.”

Ramon Ybarra
Facilities Manager
Williamsburg, VA

“The two areas we did turned out great. Thanks for your help.”

Greg Possiel
Facility Maintenance Supervisor
Nitta Casings
Bridgewater, NJ

“The material cut easy and installed fine. No issues.”

Paul Wasielewski
Senior Project Engineer
Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc
Kenosha, WI

“We purchased and installed several Genesis ceiling panels in our facility, replacing those that were stained and warped due to high moisture levels. The Genesis product was very easy to install, durable, and virtually stain resistant. In addition to the tiles, we purchased ceiling grid covers that were also easy to install and saved us time and money in making our ceilings look like a ceiling in a food manufacturing facility should look like. The advertisement states “your last ceiling panel” and I agree, these panels should last for years. We are very satisfied with your product.”

John Slinger
Del Monte
Markesan, WI

“Our problem was having areas with high moisture. The moisture was degrading the older tiles quickly. Replacing them with Genesis tiles solved this issue. I will continue to make the change in all areas of the plant.”

Timothy W. Yaeger
Facilities Supervisor
Masters Gallery Foods, Inc,
Plymouth, WI

“Installation is going excellent. The maintenance team is very pleased how they look and the ease in trimming them into place. Definitely going to get more of these as we need them.”

Michael A. Lovelace C.P.M.
Material Reliability Technician
Perry’s Ice Cream Co., Inc
Akron, NY