Environmentally Friendly

Since its inception in 1964, the Lowe’s Supermarkets’ philosophy has been to take care of the community, its teammates and their families. Part of that means being a steward of the environment and choosing building materials that are environmentally friendly. Recyclable, long-lasting, Genesis ceiling panels go a long way toward those efforts because reprocessing used materials prevents needless waste being sent to landfills and reduces the consumption of raw material.

Clean & Maintenance Free

Genesis ceiling panels are 100 percent waterproof and guaranteed not to water-stain, bow, swell or rot. Because they resist yellowing from fluorescent lighting, these bright white panels are perfect for environments like Lowe’s Supermarkets facilities where a clean aesthetic is essential to a positive shopping experience. Mold- and mildew-resistant, Genesis ceiling panels also eliminate costly remediation due to “sick” building syndrome, making it healthier for employees and guests alike.

Avoid Expensive Repairs & Downtime

Lowe’s Supermarkets regularly acquires older facilities as part of its expansion plans. But one downside to these facilities is leaky roofs. Leaky roofs contribute to increased energy expenses, water damage and health issues, and are expensive and time-consuming to fix. With waterproof, maintenance-free Genesis ceiling panels, Lowe’s doesn’t have to worry about dispatching a maintenance team or renting costly scissor lifts to repair stained ceiling tiles and disturb people and property in the process. Reduce facility downtime with Genesis Ceiling Panels.

Return on Investment

Lowe’s Supermarkets has learned that a one-time expenditure of Genesis ceiling panels more than pays for itself. Traditional mineral board ceiling tiles are vulnerable to stains, mold and warping when exposed to water and need to be replaced over the lifetime of a facility, often more than once. But non-corrosive, durable PVC ceiling tiles have extended product life with less damage during installation and repair work, resulting in lower maintenance and operating costs. Realize a significant ROI and stop replacing stained ceiling panels.